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Accessories can be a great asset to your system. We are teamed up with well-known manufacturers to insure we are providing you with the best accessories.

If you are looking for longer life on a hose assembly, we’ve got accessories made to fit rubber, thermoplastic, and high pressure hoses. Our wide selection of Parker hose accessories includes spring guards, armor guards, plastic spiral wrap, protective sleeves, bend restrictors, whip checks, and more.

Stauff Corporation has an excellent line of accessories. Hufco offers their full product line; which includes clamps, reservoir accessories, pump-motor adapters, high pressure ball valves, diagnostic fittings, and many others.

We also offer a varied selection of manifolds and gauges. Hufco has partnerships with several of the leading hydraulic manifold manufacturers to ensure you get the manifold you need. Gauges are such an important part of a system. Our gauges come in just about any configuration you can imagine.

To get the accessories you need call us here at Hufco. We have trained specialists ready to help you with all of your accessory needs.

Hydraulic reservoir

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