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Parker is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators and coolers for industrial as well as mobile applications in North America. Hufco offers Parker accumulators for many markets including oil and gas, subsea systems, manufacturing, transportation, heavy equipment, and more. Accumulators are compatible with a variety of fluids and pressure ranges. They are available in various materials for a wide range of applications.

Hufco provides a wide range of piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulators as well as KleenVent hydraulic reservoir isolators, gas bottles, charging kits, accessories, and inline shock suppressors. Also, with Parkers recent acquisition of Olaer, Hufco now offers the full line of heat exchangers, chillers, and air/oil coolers.

These products are vital components in hydraulic systems to improve efficiency by maintaining pressure, supplementing flow and absorbing system shock as well as protecting components from overheating. Contact Hufco today to work with one of our specialists on your accumulator or cooler application.

Hydraulic reservoir

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