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Piston Accumulators

Hufco offers the full line of Parker piston accumulators, gas valves, bottles and charging kits, and accessories for your accumulator application. The simple, compact, cylindrical design of piston accumulators ensures dependable performance, maximum efficiency, and long service life.

Piston accumulators operate by a lightweight piston separating the pressurized gas inside the unit from the hydraulic fluid. Changes in system pressure cause the piston to rise and fall allowing the fluid to enter or forcing it to discharge from the accumulator body. Piston accumulators have high flow rates, temperature tolerances and compression ratios compared to bladder or diaphragm accumulators. Piston accumulators have unlimited sizes and can withstand large external forces. Over 50 standard capacities from 5 cubic inches to 50 gallons are available with 3000, 4000, and 5000 psi operating pressures. The Parker Accumulator and Cooler Division can engineer and manufacture custom accumulators with specials up to 200 gallons and 20,000 psi as well as stainless steel for water, seawater, subsea and chemical service.

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