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Hydraulic Cylinders

Parker is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for industrial equipment applications, and Hufco will work with you to find the correct Parker cylinder for your application. We offer hydraulic cylinders with a variety of pressure ratings and materials.

The 2H series cylinder is the 3000 psi heavy duty tie rod hydraulic cylinder available in bore sizes from 1.5” to 6” and 18 different mounting options. If you need a larger bore 3000 psi heavy duty tie rod cylinder then the 3H series cylinder will meet your needs with bore sizes from 7” to 20” and 16 mounting options available. For the medium duty application the 3L series cylinder is available at 1000 psi and bore sizes from 1” to 8” and 15 mounting options. Hufco also provides Parker compact and metric hydraulic cylinders as well as the RDH series heavy duty weld cap cylinder.

Every cylinder is made to order and virtually unlimited options are available with special options being created and sold every day. Contact Hufco today and work with our specialists to specify the cylinder for your application.

Hydraulic reservoir

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