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Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Hufco provides Parker rack, pinion, and vane hydraulic rotary actuators for a wide range of applications. Parker leads the industry in development of new and innovative features to make rack and pinion rotary actuators more reliable, efficient, and safe. With Parker’s hydraulic rotary actuators, you will enjoy benefits such as long service life and increased productivity.

Our offerings of hydraulic rotary actuators is vast, providing our customers with a variety of options. The HTR series 3000 psi rack and pinion rotary actuator provides high power at low rotational speed and is available in torques from 900 lb-in up to 600,000 lb-in with standard and custom rotations angle. The LTR series 1500 psi rack and pinion rotary actuator is for lower pressure applications and is available in torques from 592 lb-in to 22,813 lb-in with three standard rotation angles and a full range of options. The HRN and Tork-Mor series are compact vane actuators that range from 87 lb-in to 70,300 lb-in and have a wide range of options and several rotation angles available.

Custom engineered products are always available as well for a wide range of applications including offshore, sub-sea and other harsh operating environments, so contact Hufco today and work with our specialists to ensure the correct specification for your application.

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