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EO - EO2 Adapters (Metric Bite-Type)

EO fittings are the most widely used bite type fittings in the world today. The EO progressive ring fitting produces a leak free connection in fluid systems. It is a flareless metric fitting that consists of a body, a progressive ring (ferrule), and a nut. On assembly, two cutting edges of the progressive ring “bite” into the outer surface of the tube ensuring the necessary holding power and seal for high operating pressures. The three components of EO fittings are designed and manufactured to produce a strong, reliable, and leak-free joint upon proper assembly.

The EO-2 high pressure tube fitting was introduced in an effort to eliminate leakage in all fluid systems. The common feature of all EO-2 fittings is elastomeric seals on all joints. This assures leak free operation without retightening, even under severe working conditions. Another breakthrough in bite-type technology is the simple assembly and cost-saving handling of the unique EO-2 Functional Nut.

For more information, please follow the link provided to see the EO and EO-2 Metric Bite Type Fittings Parker catalog, or give us a call to speak to a sales representative.

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