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O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Adapters

Hufco stocks Parker’s O-ring face seal (Seal-Lok/ORFS), their most recently developed fitting. The Seal-Lok fitting is the best sealing method on the market with the highest reusability rate. It helps to eliminate leakage in hyduralic systems and allows higher operating pressures.

Parker’s O-ring face seal consists of a nut, a fitting body, an O-ring, and a sleeve. Seal-Lok fittings are suitable for any range of tube wall thickness and are also readily adaptable to pipe, metric tubing, and hose. There are over thirty different body shapes and straights to choose from for specific applications. The body shapes of the fittings are forged for added strength and longer service life.

Need a leak free system, call Hufco and ask for Parker Seal-Lok fittings.

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