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Ultra High Pressure Adapters

When you are working with high pressure adapters it can be dangerous. Going with no name products increases the danger. Any machine shop can make a fitting, but what about the liabilities? Will they stand behind the quality?

At Hufco you don’t have to worry. We are teamed up with Parker Autoclave, a name everyone knows and trusts. Autoclave adapters range from ¼” to 1 ½”, with pressure ratings as high as 150,000 psi. These adapters come in many materials such as Super Duplex, Hastalloy, and many others. You can also get the adapters rated for H2S (sour gas) service. These adapters come in just about any configuration, though some are more common than others. Keep in mind that some connection types will lower the max pressure the adapter can operate at.

All Parker Autoclave adapters are marked with heat trace numbers and Material Trace Records are available.

Picking the right adapter can be confusing let us simplify it for you. All you have to do is contact us, here at Hufco we are happy to help.

Hydraulic reservoir

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Parker Autoclave
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Super Duplex, Hastalloy