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Cone and Thread Equipment

Parker Autoclave Engineer’s coning and threading machine is used for medium and high pressure tubing end preparation. One of its many benefits is it can be used on site for both larger and smaller tubing. This machine makes easy work of large jobs or jobs using larger size tubing which cannot be coned and threaded by hand.

Parker Autoclave Engineer’s self-contained coning and threading machine provides the operator the ability to cone and thread tubing quickly with little man power. Designed for ease of operation and set up, along with the ability to cone and thread simultaneously this machine provides superior production results. When you need a power cone and thread machine your search stops with Autoclave.

Hufco also has a manual version available for smaller tube sizes. Parker Autoclave Engineer’s cone and thread equipment is industry proven and reliable without sacrificing quality. For more information, please follow the link to see the catalog, or give us a call to speak to a sales representative.

Hydraulic reservoir

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