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Tube Fabrication Equipment

Hufco carries Parker’s Tube Fabrication equipment for tube preparation and assembly of tube fittings. Tube fabrication equipment includes Parflange and EO-2 Form machines. Hufco is proud to carry equipment to fabricate O-Ring Face Seal (Seal-Lok), the only one on the market. Parker tube fabrication equipment features hand tools and power tools that bend, cut, deburr, flange, flare, ferrule preset, and port tap. This equipment can be used on both inch tubing and metric tubing and is designed to meet any need in the field or on site. We carry tube benders for tubing up to 2” in both manual and electrically powered.

Within this impressive tube fabrication equipment line, Parker’s special technology make the equipment stand out above others. The Parflange machine is a patented orbital spindle process which creates leak-free connections and perfectly flanges and flares tube within seconds. The EO-2 Form machine creates a cold-formed tube for use with EO-2 (soft seal bite-type) fittings.

For more information on Parker’s tube fabrication equipment, give us a call or come into one or our convenient locations to speak to a qualified hose and tubing specialist.

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