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Filter Carts

Portable and offline filtration systems provide flexibility in removing contaminants from your hydraulic system. Hufco offers a wide range of Parker Hydraulic filtration solutions.

The Guardian system hand-held purifications system is lightweight, easy to transport and store, in addition to the flexibility of being able to change elements for your required level of filtration. Filter carts are available in two sizes, either 5 or 10 GPM and are easy to use. Just plug in to an electrical power source, place one wand in the contaminated fluid, and the other where you want the filtered fluid to go.

Larger portable purification systems are also available in five sizes from 5 to 45 GPM flow rates with a range of options and filtration levels available. Do you only need to take care of a small job? Filter carts are also available for rental! Contact Hufco today and speak to one of our specialists to specify the correct portable filtration system for your needs and available rental options.

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