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Hose Fittings For Rubber Hose

So you’ve got the right hose for your application, but what about the fittings! Hufco’s hose and fitting experts are here to help you get what you need. Hufco offers Parker Parkrimp assemblies that consist of No-Skive hose, permanently joined by any one of our Parkrimp crimpers. The teeth in Parker’s crimped fittings bite down to the hose wire for a metal-to-metal grip with maximum integrity. We offer steel, brass, and stainless steel fittings from 3/16” to 3”, with our steel fittings featuring a corrosion-resistant plating that exceeds SAE standards. Even if you are in a hurry, you can come in to any of our locations, and we will make you factory-quality hose assemblies while you wait!

We also offer Monoblok fittings that lack brazed or soldered joints to provide the utmost in leak protection, eliminating any potential leak paths. Other fittings available include metric fittings, field attachable fittings, custom fittings for short-run or special applications, and fittings with XTR coating for extreme resistance to corrosion. Whatever your application, Hufco has what you need to get the job done right!

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