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Hose Fittings For Thermoplastic Hose

Parker’s Parflex line has products that cover many different applications within a large selection of industries. Hufco has a wide variety of fittings for thermoplastic and flouropolymer hose. Parker’s Parflex division uses the worldwide known Parkrimp system. This ensures the highest quality assemblies on the market.

The Parflex line also includes field attachable fittings that are available when needed. Thermoplastic hose fittings come in many different end configurations and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Thermoplastic hose fittings are available in stainless steel, carbon, and brass. Parker’s new 56 series features a no-bubble crimp and is the new Parker global standard.

Hufco also carries Parker’s PAGE product line, made to handle high temperatures in chemical and corrosive environments. The PAGE fittings are made specifically for the PAGE hoses and are available in cam and groove, Seal-Lok, NPTF, A-Lok, and more. Click on the link to view all of our Parker Parflex fittings.

Hydraulic reservoir

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Cam and Groove
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