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High Pressure Hose (10,000 PSI and above)

It is hard to believe that there is hose on the market rated to 55,000 PSI. At Hufco we carry the Parker EPD product line (also known as Polyflex) with this rating. Parker’s Energy Products Division is the leader in high pressure hose. Parker EPD has hose assemblies in 2” and 3” ID with a 15,000 PSI working pressure. No other manufacturer has this in their product line up. Parker EPD is also known for long continuous lengths of hose (in excess of 11,000 FT), that cover applications such as hotlines. EPD products handle an array of other applications that include subsea, high collapse (HCR), chemical injection, water jetting, water blasting, cementing, and more. EPD products are often copied, but the competition can never duplicate the quality. Don’t fall victim to inferior product! Hufco will provide you with genuine EPD products that are superior to the competition. Our EPD products carry a three year warranty and repairs are easy. When you need high pressure hose, Hufco is the place to go!

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High Pressure Hose
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