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Industrial Hose

Industrial hose can be one the most confusing products, so leave it to the pros at Hufco to help. You can get hose from ¼” to 24” ID, from 12 inches to hundreds of feet. Chemical compatibility plays a huge role when picking out an industrial hose that will fit your requirements. Hufco is here to assist you with making sure the hose you get meets all your requirements. This category also comes with a large array of end connections, and Hufco can help with that as well.

Industrial hose doesn’t have standards (like SAE, ABS, Coast Guard etc…) like hydraulic hose does. This means the quality of the assembly is determined by the assembler and the supplier’s standards. Trusting a company with no real experience, quality standards, or training can be very scary. This is why Hufco’s assemblers are the best of the best. They receive the most up to date factory training and follow Parker’s assembly guidelines. Our checks and balances in our quality program ensure the industrial hose you are getting is right.

When you need an industrial hose, contact Hufco to make it easy. After all that’s why we are here.

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