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Thermoplastic Hose

Hufco is proud to carry Parker’s Parflex line which offers an extensive selection of thermoplastic hose and tubing. Thermoplastic hose provides extreme chemical compatibility, noise-level reduction, corrosion resistance, and is light weight with high flexibility. Parflex’s long-length capabilities results in fewer connections which provides fewer potential leak points.

For fluoropolymer hose, Parflex offers the PAGE product line. PAGE products are comprised of fluoropolymer hoses with specialty braid and are designed to handle high temperatures in chemical and corrosive environments. This product’s stainless steel braided outer cover make them especially useful to many industries. This is by far the toughest cover you can get. Combine that with a fluoropolymer inner tube and you have the most robust hose in the industry.

Parker’s Parflex line has products that cover many different applications within a large selection of industries. You are one click away from finding the perfect Parflex product for your application. Just click on the link provided to see the catalog.

Hydraulic reservoir

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Parker’s Parflex Line
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Thermoplastic Hose and Tubing