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Bent Axis Motors

Hufco and Parker are your source for well proven, reliable, fixed displacement bent-axis piston motors. We offer a variety of options for both small and large frame.

The heavy duty F11 series motors are useful in numerous applications on both open and closed loop circuits. The compact and lightweight F11 series operates with pressures up to 6000 psi and comes in six displacements from 4.9 cc up to 19 cc with operating speeds up to 14,000 RPM. The high performance F12 series motors are used in many applications where the highest shaft speeds are required. The high starting torque, high power and efficiency F12 series is available in nine displacements from 30 cc up to 242 cc and operates at pressures up to 7000 psi.

At Hufco we pride ourselves on superior service. Pair that with high quality bent-axis motors and you can’t lose. Call us today and let us show you.

Hydraulic reservoir

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