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LSHT Motors

Hufco offers a wide range of Parker Hydraulic low speed high torque (LSHT) motors to meet your demanding applications. Our options come in many sizes and pressure ratings. Available series include TE, TB, TF, 110A series and more.

The Nichols series motors have a rugged compact design. They operate up to 3000 psi and are available in 15 displacements from 49 cc up to 423 cc with torques from 1125 in-lb to 6648 in-lb. The Torqmotor small frame series motors come with long life, high volumetric efficiency and high pressure. It has starting torque in displacements from 36 cc to 392 cc and torques from 272 in-lb up to 3935 in-lb. The Torqmotor large frame series motors have a high starting torque and volumetric efficiency as well as side load capacity with long life. They are available in displacements from 81 cc up to 1000 cc with torques from 1948 in-lb to 21,360 in-lb.

Contact the specialists at Hufco today for all of your hydraulic motor needs as we will work with you to provide everything for your application.

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