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Hufco offers a wide range of hydraulic motors from Parker including bent axis, low speed high torque, vane and radial piston in a wide range of low to high speeds, displacements and torques. With our variety, you are sure to find a motor to fit your application.

The Parker Calzoni radial piston motor’s robust design, as well as its outstanding performance are ideal for applications in offshore, drilling, oilfield, marine winch, and mining industries. Parker Nichols’ low speed high torque motors compact rugged design are ideal for a variety of hydraulic motor applications. Fixed displacement vane motors are designed for severe duty applications and the fan-drive version is equipped with rugged double row bearings to eliminate the need for external supports. Bent-axis piston motors are ideal for high operating speeds and higher operating pressures and are used in both open and closed loop circuits.

Contact Hufco today for all of your hydraulic motor needs. Our specialists will work with you to provide you with the correct product for your applications.

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Low Speed High Torque Vane and Radial Piston