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Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Hufco’s stock of Parker hydraulic quick couplings have a wide variety of designs, each tailored to a particular application. Pressure ratings for the Parker hydraulic couplings range from 30 to 30,000 PSI, depending on the coupling series, size, and materials. Hydraulic couplings generally fall into one of two groups, either Double Shut-Off or Straight-Thru.

Double Shut-Off couplings are used extensively when it is important to minimize fluid loss upon disconnection. Both halves of the coupler, the body and the nipple, contain shut-off valves. These valves open automatically when the body and nipple are connected, and close automatically when the two halves are disconnected, keeping fluid loss to a minimum.

Parker Straight-Thru couplings have no valves in either half and are ideal for maximum flow application. Their smooth, open bore offers the lowest pressure drop of any quick disconnect coupling, and allows them to be thoroughly cleaned. Since there are no valves in either half, fluid flow should be shut off before the coupling is disconnected.

Parker quick disconnects interchange with most other brands. Picking the right quick disconnect can be confusing. Contact us, and we will make it easy!

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