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High Pressure Systems (10,000 PSI and above)

A high pressure system is 100% customizable. Meaning it is built to your exact specifications. Our high pressure systems are built with the very best components from Parker Autoclave. The factory even has some standard production models you can choose from. Whatever your needs are, we can fulfill them.

Hufco’s high pressure systems can be multiple stage so that one pump doesn’t do all the work, therefore increasing the life of the pumps. They can be mobile, dolly mounted, or built so that water can be recycled. Our pumps (the heart of the system) are the best there is, another Parker Autoclave component. Another consideration is needle valves with seats that can be reversed or changed out quickly, reducing down time. Actuated needle valves are always a good idea. This keeps users from over torqueing the valve.

The possibilities in a system are endless. Don’t know where to start? That is what we are here for. Not only will we help you start your system, but we will be there after it is finished! If you really want to know where to start, just contact Hufco and we will be happy to assist you.

Hydraulic reservoir

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Relief valve
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