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Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Hufco offers the full line of Parker hydraulic power units. Standard, compact, and custom power units are available. If you need replacement parts or accessories Hufco offers a wide range of reservoir accessories, couplers, sight gauges, breathers and fill caps, filters, valves and everything you need to repair or build your own hydraulic power unit.

These factory manufactured hydraulic power units come in several sizes from 5 to 80 gallon reservoir and horsepower from 0.5 up to 40. The D-Pak produces 2.7 GPM and 3000 psi, the H-Pak produces 12.3 GPM and 3000 psi and the V-Pak comes in either vertical or low profile configurations with ranges from 11 to 36.1 GPM, as well as 3000 psi max pressure available. Although these are standard units, there are many design variations and options available to meet your hydraulic power unit requirements.

Contact our specialists at Hufco today with any questions and your hydraulic power unit requirements. We will work with you to specify the correct products for your applications.

Hydraulic reservoir

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