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Cartridge Valves

When you are looking for products to create a hydraulic circuit, look no further than Hufco and Parker’s Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division. Whether you need a single threaded cartridge or a multi-station manifold assembly Hufco can assist you in design and implementation for your application. Check valves, shuttle valves, load controls, flow controls, pressure controls, logic, directional controls are all available to ensure the correct product for your system. Parker has many options available for cartridge valves including manual, solenoid, proportional, or pilot actuation.

Parker Hydraulic Cartridge valves are ideal for systems that have limited space. They are compact, and can be changed out easily with minimal disassembly of your system. A new offering to Parker’s extensive product line is the rotary union manifold. Parker’s unique step shaft design, proprietary seal design, and non-welded design ensure the user extensive service life while providing a compact and easy to fit solution.

To replace an existing product or to start your integrated hydraulic design, contact the experts at Hufco today. We will get your system up and running in no time!

Hydraulic reservoir

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