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Directional Control Valves

Hufco supports Directional Control Valves manufactured by Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Valve Division. With pressures ranging from 5 to 5000 PSI and flows up to 250 GPM, Hufco has the valve for any of your needs. Lever operated, air/oil pilot, and cam/solenoid operators are all available for replacement of an existing product or for a new build applications.

These valves offer a wide range of options such as ATEX and MSHA rated coils as well as many other different coil connections. These valves are one of the most customizable in the industry.

Parker offers a wide range of spool options that can be used to fit your needs. Open-Center, Closed-Center, Tandem-Center, and even crossover spools with metering orifices are available. Parker currently has 19 different spools with 8 different styles. That’s 172 different possible combinations in just spools and styles alone! From open circuit systems to regenerative closed circuit systems, no matter the complexity, Parker Valves will get the job done.

Contact Hufco today and we will work with you to ensure you get the directional control valve you need.

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