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Electrohydraulic Valves

For precision function and control, Hufco provides an extensive range of Parker Electrohydraulic valves including servo-valves, electronic controls, proportional pressure control valves, and proportional directional control valves.

Parker servo-valves are robust and reliable with explosion-proof and intrinsically safe models. Electronic controls are available with valve drivers that provide ramping, set-points, and dead-band compensation, in addition to feedback amplifiers, DIN card holders, and power supplies for a variety of valve applications. Proportional pressure control valves are available with integrated or off-board valve electronics as well as MIN and MAX potentiometers to set pressure values and adjustable electronic ramp controls.

Another choice for electrohydraulic valves is proportional directional control valves that have progressive flow characteristics and high flow capacities along with a variety of electronic controls and a wide selection of spool options.
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Hydraulic reservoir

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Explosion-Proof Valves