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High Pressure Ball Valves

When it comes to high pressure ball valves there is no one better than Parker Autoclave. They were the first to make the high pressure ball valve and have the experience to get it right. Autoclave has the most common high pressure ball valves and for good reason. When people find something that works, they tend to stick with it.
Parker Autoclave valves come in sizes from ¼” to 1” and have many different port connections. We can change out the seals to ensure media compatibility. Stainless steel is the standard material, however exotic materials are available. All valves can be supplied with documentation such as material trace records and/or test certifications. For high pressure subsea ball valves please visit our high pressure subsea ball valve section of the website.

Another great option to Parker Autoclave ball valves is an actuator. Need to remotely access the valve? This is where an actuator comes in handy. Sizing them and selecting the right one can be tricky, just contact us and we will make it much easier for you.

At Hufco we pride ourselves on service and there are no exceptions when it comes to our Autoclave high pressure ball valves. All you have to do is contact Hufco or come into any one of our convenient locations.

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