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High Pressure Needle Valves

What about high pressure needle valves? Have you ever needed one and just wasn’t sure which one was right for you or couldn’t get the customer service you needed? Well you have come to the right place. Hufco stocks, sells, and represents Parker Autoclave needle valves.

Autoclave needle valves come in two configurations, two-way (straight and angled) or three way. These needle valves have several different port connections. Available options include NPT, medium pressure, high pressure, QSS and others upon request. Another factor in choosing a needle valve is pressure. We have you covered up to 150,000 PSI. Autoclave needle valves can also be manufactured from exotic materials such as Super Duplex, or Hastalloy. Autoclave needles can be manufactured for sour gas service as well. Needles valves are used in several applications such as bleed off, shut off, regulating flow, and many others.

Why try to figure this out all by yourself when we are here to help? Our technical support and service is free, so you have nothing to lose. Contact us and let us help you when you need a high pressure need valve.

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