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Needle Valves

Actuation and speed of response in fluid power systems can be controlled precisely, instantly, and repeatedly with needle valves from Hufco. The Parker Colorflow needle valves provide a visual reference point for settings, excellent control, and reliable shut-off in a small envelope.

We offer flows from 0 to 150 GPM. Hufco also has an assortment of materials including brass, carbon, steel, and stainless steel in stock and available for order. Parker needle valves have metal-to-metal seats, with finethread screwdown. This enable positive sealing up to the capacity of the valve.

Parker V Series needle valves are designed for positive leak tight shut-off and regulation of fluid in process, power, and instrumentation applications. With a wide variety of port sizes and styles, temperature capabilities, and pressures, V Series needle valves provide the user with the utmost in flexibility when designing miniaturized tubing or piping systems.

Here at Hufco, we look forward to providing the needle valve you need for your system. For quality speed controls on your hydraulic or pneumatic system, contact any of our convenient locations today!

Hydraulic reservoir

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0 to 150 GPM
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Brass, Carbon Steel Stainless Steel