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Pressure Control Valves

Pressure control valves are found on nearly all hydraulic systems and preform important functions, primarily maintaining an upper pressure limit or a set pressure in a system. Hufco offers the full line of Parker Hydraulic pressure control valves including relief, sequence, pressure reducing, and unloading valves with both in-line and manifold mounted options. Parker’s pressure control valves have pressure ranges from 4 to over 5000 psi and flows from 7 to over 159 GPM. A variety of adjustment modes and special options are available upon request including right angle, in-line, sub-plate, or slip-in.

Parker in-line pressure control valves perfectly complement our broad range of in-line mounted flow, needle, and check valves. These pressure relief valves provide the adjustable pressure control and limiting functions often required in applications where pressures need to be accurately controlled, while allowing the facility to be manually set in the field.

For more information on our vast variety of pressure control valves, contact a specialist at Hufco today. You will be glad you did!

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Relief, Sequence, Pressure Reducing, and Unloading Valves
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